"Teresa is someone I would highly recommend to care for your pet. She is reliable, flexible and very kind. Our eleven year old lab, Emma, was never sad to see us go because she knew she would be getting loving belly rubs from Teresa. The daily written report Teresa provided gave us a good understanding of the type of day Emma was having. We appreciated receiving them almost as much as Emma enjoyed her belly rubs."
~Maggie C.

---In loving memory of Emma who passed from liver cancer 12/20/16. She was such a love and always made me laugh. Rest in peace my friend. ~Teresa

"Guardian Pet Care is the kind of service that we were delighted to find to care for our treasured family pets.
In 2013 we were reluctant to take trips due to the difficulty of finding adequate pet care.  Kennel boarding is not an option. Then we discovered Teresa at Guardian Pet Care and learned that our feathered and furry friends could stay in their home environment with daily playtimes, grooming, and feeding, customized to what they were used to.  Everyone loved that choice.
We were able to travel that time and many times since, and have peace of mind that the pets were well cared for.  We got phone updates or texts if there was a question, and sometimes a call just to give us some face time with the pets.  When we returned there was a written daily log.
Additional services were provided along with the pet care.  The house was being checked, the mail and newspaper came in, and even the plants got watered.
We got professional, responsible, reliable service; and our pets got some lovin’.  We very strongly recommend this service to our friends."

 ~ Frank and Karen R.


"P.S.  Alas, snow shoveling is not included in Teresa’s repertoire, but we used her reference to the same plow operator that does her driveway."

"We have relied on Teresa since 2005 to take care of pets in our home. That span of time has seen senior dogs and cats as well as puppies and kittens. During all life stages Teresa has been a constant, dependable presence for pets in our home. This has allowed us peace of mind going to work, out of town family events or day trips on weekends. People and pets in our home trust Teresa and value the services she provides!" ~Stacey V.


"We have been using Teresa's services for over 10 years. Our pets consider her a part of our family. She has a very unique way about her that makes them trust and look forward to seeing her. She's never complained about my changing routines for each individual dog or cat (or bird) needs. When my dog got diabetes, she gave him his shots and other meds without an issue. Teresa even came with me to the vet when we had to put our Newfie down because of old age!

Every time we go away and leave Teresa in charge of our house, I always feel at ease and secure knowing that when we get back it is spotless (she cleans up after all the animals and does the kitty litter every day) gets the mail, and leaves her summary on the table of the days events. If I ever need her to call me or update me on any of our pets, she calls me, sends me little videos without hesitating. We are so glad she is part of our lives."
- Audrey B


"Teresa has been taking care of my racing pigeons for a number of years. Even though the job of caring for my birds was "out of the ordinary," Teresa tackled it with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. She has done an outstanding job! She's dependable, meticulous, observant, and patient. I can vacation with the full confidence that my birds will be well taken care of. Also, Teresa is willing to do the household chores such as: picking up our newspapers and mail, watering our house plants, and making sure the house is in order. We are very comfortable leaving our home and birds in her care!"
~Dave C.


"I contacted Guardian Pet Care 4 years ago. Right from the start Teresa was very professional and very loving towards my dog. After a year I adopted a puppy and a bird and Teresa was so welcoming to them and loved them just as much! Teresa has always been reliable, she has wonderful communication and always goes above and beyond! I've needed help last minute and she's always been there. I don't know what the boys and I would do without her!" 
~Chelsea F.


"I have been using Teresa since we moved to Rochester in 2015 and don't know what we would do without her! I had actually met her one summer several years back when she was caring for my sister’s dog while they were on vacation. My sister had been using her and was really pleased with her so, I called her as soon as we moved to town. My job requires a lot of traveling and my dogs require a lot of walking! She has done everything from walking to feeding to playing to just loving both of my dogs! She is highly dependable and will spend quality time with your pet(s). She even sends cute photos of them, which while I’m on the road for work, really brighten up my day. Teresa leaves you a report at the end of each visit so you know exactly how their visit went which is really appreciated. She loves animals and it shows in how my dogs respond to her, they don’t always love everyone, but they really respond so well to her and actually look forward to her visits!"
~Joanna F.


"Teresa Fletcher has proven that her company, Guardian Pet Care, is a top provider of domestic pet services. My husband and I were very pleased to begin working with her several years ago. The first time she met our cats, Sophie and Sam, (now thirteen years old) one could sense a true bonding and a superlative element of nurturing that Teresa would provide in our absence. Teresa’s abilities can be summed up as the “Three Big C’s”:
CARING - Teresa shows that she truly does care about our cats as if they were her own. She goes above and beyond to spend quality time at play with them after fulfilling necessary chores.
CONSCIENTIOUS - Teresa does not miss a thing. She always provides daily notes on the nature of her visits so that there is a written record of the time she spends with our cats.
COURTEOUS - Teresa is very polite and respectful and always willing to provide extra services, such as bringing in the mail, at no extra cost.
Teresa is a true professional and we are very grateful to have her as our pet sitter!"
~Barbara F.


"Teresa has given us peace of mind when traveling, knowing that our cats and dogs are being well cared for. She sends us short updates during our trips and then a full written log when we return. Our pets aren't always accepting of strangers, but Teresa took the time to get to know them and they love her!"
~Jenny I.


"Teresa Fletcher from Guardian Pet Care is always willing and available (often times on short notice) to come watch our cat Miss Morsel. She tells me how Morsel rolls on the floor to greet her. We feel comfortable knowing she is in good hands while we are away!"
~Marge L.


"Possessing an interior vantage point of shelters and kennels having worked in a few, I have always chosen a pet sitter to come into my home when going on vacation. 
We have entrusted our pets, and our home, in the care of Teresa for ten years. Not only is she dependable and trustworthy, which is reason enough to continue with her services, but she has always gone above and beyond when it comes to the quality of care I want, and expect, for my cats. I have a tendency to dote on my animals – something Teresa has picked up on over the years – and I could not be happier with the treatment / love she provides to them. 
Your pets are in excellent hands with Teresa!"

~Debbie L.


"Our two dogs love it when Teresa comes to visit them.  Teresa lets them run around the yard and spends some good quality time with them.  She gives each dog the attention they need.  Teresa is very accommodating to our schedule and does her best to fit in her visits when it best suits us and the dogs.  We have been using her service for 8 years and highly recommend her."
~Lou L.


"Teresa became a part of our extended family on March 6, 2006. We had 2 rescued Keeshonds and 2 adopted kitties. Our female Kees Belle was a puppy mill survivor whom we adopted in December of 2004 at the age of 3. It took us 1 ½ years to help her overcome her socialization issues to the point that we could introduce a pet sitter into our home. We started out slowly with Teresa visiting for 15 minute intervals while we were here. We graduated to Teresa visiting alone within two weeks. For the next 9 years until we lost Belle in January of 2015, Teresa was Belle’s favorite person. We could be home but if Teresa was here, Belle was in her lap. In the 11+ years since Teresa started, we have loved and lost 3 dogs and 2 kitties. We currently have a full house, all rescues, 2 dogs and 3 kitties, they all love Teresa’s weekly visits! Teresa has been and continues to be an integral part of our family. Her compassion and dedication to us and our fur kids cannot be measured. We can be across the country and know that our kids are in the best hands possible. Anyone who brings Teresa into their home as their pet sitter will be blessed to have her."
~Cathy L.


"We have been using Guardian Pet Care for years. We are always comfortable knowing that Teresa is looking after our pets while we are away. She is always available if we contact her to ask about our pets and is happy to update us. Usually during our vacation she’ll send us photos of our pets. When you first meet her or if you get a new pet she’ll always come out to meet with you and your pet. We would recommend her with full confidence to anyone needing pet care service."
~John M.


"Guardian Pet Care’s Teresa is our go-to pet-sitter when we are out of town.  She cares for our 3 cats (Duncan, Maddie, Scooter) like they’re her own.  They are typically shy and hide from guests, but they know Teresa will give them loving, playtime, brushing, refresh their food & water and change their litter boxes.  She even brings in the mail.  We love reading the daily visit logs she leaves us when we get home.  We miss our “kids” when we’re away, but it’s reassuring to know they are being well cared for."
~John and Leslie M.


"Teresa is a wonderful pet sitter. We don't know what we'd do without her! She's very dependable and professional, and I love the notes she leaves with her daily visits. We always have peace of mind when we are away, knowing she's the one caring for our remarkable cats."
~Kati R.


"Guardian Pet care has been our go to pet care service for more than 10 years.  Teresa has been reliable and flexible with scheduling appointments. I trust her with my furry children and have her as a contact with my vet service."
~Arlene S.


"Teresa has been pet sitting for us for 11 years. Over those years, all our cats have loved her, and she's very intuitive about their needs and moods. She also takes great care of our fish and the wild birds we feed. It's a great comfort to have Teresa coming into our home, too, and just making sure all is well and taking care of the mail, newspaper, etc. She leaves detailed notes of each visit so we know what happened while we were away. In fact, when we return, we just get a pretty cursory "Oh, hi, you're home" greeting from the cats, and they go right back to whatever they were doing. So, that says to us that they've made Teresa part of their family!"
~Linda S.