A free in-home consultation is required to get started and will benefit everyone. With proper planning, your pet will receive the best of care.

“They really respond so well to Teresa and actually look forward to her visits!”

New Customers:
In-home consultation four to seven days in advance. This meeting will allow you to:

  • Get to know me better. It's important that you feel you can trust me.
  • See me interact with your pet. It's important that your pet feels at ease with me.
  • Instruct me on your pets daily care (Pet Profile). It's important that I replicate the care they receive on a daily basis. If your pet loves to be scratched behind their right ear, I want to know that.

Existing Customers:
If it has been quite some time since my last visit, I may request a short pre-visit two to three days in advance. This will allow your pet to become reacquainted with me. Over time the pre-visit may not be necessary.

The following are the basic pet related services available. Based on your specific needs there may be others we agree on that are not listed.

Feeding Dog Walking
Scooping Light grooming (brushing)
Yard Clean Up Administering medication
Play time Pet transportation

Home Related:

  • Bringing in mail
  • Adjusting curtains or blinds in morning and evening
  • Watering plants